Transfer Shares After Death

If you need help transferring shares after the death of the shareholder and these shares are held in a US or Canadian company such as Cadburys or Schweppes, then you will undoubtedly need for a Medallion Signature Guarantee

Transfer of Shares After Death of Shareholder

If the shareholder is deceased, the requirements to facilitate the transfer vary according to many factors. It may be that a Grant of Probate is required. This would depend on the value of the stock. Another factor may be whether the shares are in certificate format or if any share certificate is lost. To discuss the requirements to transfer shares after death of the shareholder, please call us on 0203 985 9551. Or submit the enquiry form on this page.

What to Do With Shares When Someone Dies

When someone dies you will also need to ascertain the valuation of any shares at the date of death. We are happy to provide a probate valuation for shares. If Probate is required, we can also assist with putting a probate application together for you. If the value of the shares exceeds $60,000, then you will also need to obtain Federal Transfer Certificate. Additionally if you need help selling shares of the deceased person, then we can assist.

What Holdings Are Affected?

All US and Canadian companies are affected. Some Transfer agents may offer a Medallion Waiver program. In the absence of any kind of waiver program, then the full Medallion Signature Guarantee is required. We have helped people with holdings in Dr Pepper Snapple, Exxon Mobil, Pfizer, Kraft-Heinz, Schlumberger, and IBM to name just a few.