Financial Services

The phrase Financial Services is broad term to cover a range of services. These services generally cover Investments whether that be advice with regards to Stocks & Shares or liquid assets such as money. In addition, they encompass banking and credit card services. Plus also some Insurance services.

Financial services in the UK is a regulated industry. This means that in order to protect the consumer there is regulation overseeing the companies giving financial advice. The regulator in the UK is the Financial Conduct Authority, abbreviated to the FCA.

The services that we provide on this site are not included within the Financial Services broad spectrum. These services include the supply of the Medallion Guarantee and Inheritance Tax planning through Estate planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

If your estate, at the time of your death, is over a certain threshold and your beneficiaries are not exempt, then inheritance tax is at 40% before the beneficiaries receive any part of the estate. Remember that when submitting inheritance tax forms, you must account for any assets or gifts given in the seven years before death. In addition, there are certain scenarios where you may need to go back 14 years. This can put quite a burden on the role of the Executors.

In the UK, the Inland Revenue are the specific government that deals with inheritance tax collections. The probate process assures payment. Probate is not granted unless the correct inheritance tax forms have been submitted and the tax is paid. For help call our estates team on 020 8150 2010.