Corporate Services

Medallion Corporate Services

If you are responsible for staff or shareholders who need a Medallion Signature Guarantee, we can assist with our bulk medallion services. For further details visit, our bulk medallion services page. We are able to visit your headquarters or shareholders can visit our premises in Braintree, Essex. For further details, call our Corporate Medallion Team on 020 8150 2010.

Corporate Transfer Holdings

Our Medallion Signature Services extend to shareholdings which are owned by Corporate structures. The purpose of the medallion stamp is to ensure there is no fraud when transferring shares. As such, we need to take extra steps to ensure that if any shareholding is owned by a Corporate structure that we are dealing with the correct people authorised to sign on behalf of the corporation.

If your shareholding is owned by a Corporate entity, then before being able to transfer holdings you need to apply for a medallion guarantee. Contact us for a list of our requirements to facilitate the transfer of holdings.

Good Standing

Before we apply the Medallion Signature Guarantee, we need to ensure that any company is in Good Standing. In some cases this requires a Good Standing certificate. However, this is a simple process for UK Companies. But for some corporate structures it is a complex matter.

Some corporate structures are shell companies designed to hide ownership. We regret due to the possible element of fraud, we are unable to assist with these kind of structures. We must be dealing directly with the primary shareowner/director who is making the transfer on behalf of a company. Some companies have other companies as authorised signatories and the chain goes on and on until you get to an individual. We can only assist when there are actual individuals listed as directors/authorised signatories of the company applying for the stamp.