Medallion Signature Guarantee Services

We provide a full range of Medallion Guarantee Services, we can assist with:

Medallion Stamp

From providing a Medallion Stamp Guarantee to dealing with the share sale and transfer we can deal with the whole matter for you. Click to find out more about the medallion guarantee service that we offer and to see how we can help.

Transfer shares after death

We can assist if you need help transferring the shares of person after they have passed on. For more information on shares transfer services please contact us on 020 8150 2010 or visit our dedicated transfer page.

Federal Transfer Certificate

If the Shares or securities you are trying to transfer exceed $60,000 in value then in order to facilitate the transfer the transfer agent will need you to obtain a Federal Transfer Certificate. We have a dedicated page detailing further information with regards the federal transfer process.

Shares change of name

Changing the names on a stock is surprisingly more common that one would think. There are still many hoops that a person must jump through in order to arrange the change. For more information visit our dedicated page.

Escheated Shares

We may be able to assist if you have come across an escheated shareholdings. Escheatment happens when a shareholding is left dormant. There are many different requirements and multiple hoops that we will need to jump through in order to recover lost monies. How and why escheatment of shares happens is detailed across our website.

Withholding Tax

Federal withholding tax is generally something that the Share registrar will done behalf of the IRS (Inland Revenue Service), this ensures that the Registrars do not lose out in the event that there is tax to pay. This need to be claimed back, visit our specific page for more information on federal withholding tax.

Share valuation

If you need to value Stocks & Shares including historic share valuations we can assist. Share valuations can be arranged through our specific page.



A Medallion Guarantee, also known as a Medallion Signature Guarantee or Gold Medallion Guarantee is a special stamp introduced in the USA to help with preventing the Fraudulent Transfer of Securities, Stocks & Shares.

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If you own assets in the United States or Canada you will have come into contact with the securities Transfer Agent, known as a Share Registrar in the United Kingdom.

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A Medallion signature guarantee is generally applied to the Transfer Agent stock transfer form. Every agent, or Share registrar, uses their own form, it is not possible for us to list or supply every stock transfer form.

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