Bulk Service Medallion Guarantee

Bulk Service Medallion Guarantee

Are you a corporate entity, transfer agent, or human resources department looking at the viability of a mass or bulk medallion signature guarantee service? Not only can we offer a premium rate, but we also offer this service at your location. To begin, call our team on 0203 985 9551 to discuss a core minimum signature requirement depending on the distance of travel

Medallion Requirements

You do need to be in the United Kingdom to qualify for this service. Our team are able to travel internationally in order to meet your needs.

We are able to visit your premises or place of work to provide this service en-masse for your staff. Special security measures will need to be in place. For obvious reasons we do not guarantee to provide this service to every country. In addition, due to the overall security of the medallion stamp, we regret the physical stamp cannot leave our corporate headquarters.

Medallion Guarantee

Two of our team can visit your location to begin the verification process. Each person who requires signature verification can meet with us individually. In order to verify them, they must bring suitable identification. Then we will arrange for the medallion signature guarantee to be applied to the paperwork at our corporate headquarters. Upon completion, all paperwork is then securely sent directly to the transfer agent or registrar for processing.

Corporate Requirements

In order to qualify for this service, companies must complete our screening and vetting process. As mentioned above, the security of the medallion signature guarantee process is paramount. As such, this service is not available to hidden corporate structures or other sanctioned entities. We have stringent anti money laundering processes in place. Contact us to begin the screening process.