Frequently asked questions

Right here now. To begin the process call us on 0203 985 9551, if calling from overseas call us on 0044 203 985 9551. You can even call us free of charge on 0800 612 6105

Visiting our office to supply a Medallion Guarantee is not a mandatory requirement. We can also provide a postal service. Regrettably documents sent through the post are sent at your own risk and we would always advise, at the very least, sending documents via Royal Mail Special Delivery with added consequential loss or other secure Courier.

We use the very latest money laundering databases to confirm an Medallion Guarantee applicant is the rightful holder. In addition we will ask you to provide Solicitor certified Identification. Every Solicitor who provides such verification will be checked on the Law Society website.

A marker will be attached to your Credit file however this marker is not visible to other Creditors.

Yes. We can assist with overseas applicants. The ID verification is very stringent but for most countries we can still assist. We do regret however due to the high risk of fraud there are certain Countries where we cannot provide a medallion service. Please contact us on 00 44 203 985 9551 if you live overseas.

To provide the Medallion Guarantee stamp only we charge £270 including VAT for UK residents whose identity is easily verfiable. Additional fees may apply for dealing with incomplete or incorrectly completed stock transfer forms. For added peace of mind and to ensure the process moves smoothly, if you prefer, we can deal with the whole process for you. This however is a bespoke service and cost vary depending on the value of the stock and the volume of holdings. For further information contact us through this website.

The IRS (aka the United States Inland Revenue Service) are involved if the value of the stock exceeds $60,000. This is because US Federal Tax clearance will be required before the Transfer Agent is able to transfer the stock holdings.

For deceased estates a Double Taxation Treaty exists between the UK and the USA and as such although obtaining federal tax clearance is a formality it is a long, complex and drawn out process.

In the UK some banks may offer a Medallion Guarantee Service to their account holders but typcially these are high net worth investment banks. The local high street banks such as Barclays, Natwest, Lloyds, Santander, HSBC and Nationwide do not offer the Medallion Guarantee service. (If you are able to obtain a Medallion Signature through one of these banks please kindly let us know)

Notaries and Notary stamps are very different to Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamps. As far as we are aware there are no Notaries that can supply the Medallion Guarantee inhouse. As above if you find this not to be the case then please let us know.