Share Valuation

If you require a Share for valuation for probate purposes or perhaps Capital Gains Tax purposes we will be pleased to assist.  Complete the form here, we charge £60 for the first holding and then £6 per each additional holding. If you require a bulk valuation of more than ten holdings contact us, we may be able to offer a bulk discount for multiple share holdings.

Share Valuation for Probate

The importance of the correct valuation of stocks and shares for probate purposes cannot be underestimated. When dealing specifically with US share holdings that are held in a UK estate for example US Federal Tax Clearance will be required when the US holdings are valued in excess of $60,000.  When applying for probate on any UK estate it is important also that any completed probate and inheritance tax forms are completed correctly. If there is any difference between the declarations made to the UK Inland Revenue and the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) then this will result in severe complications, possibly even penalties for incorrect filing.