Medallion Guarantee

Medallion Stamp

As well as our full range of Medallion Guarantee Services, we also offer a Medallion Stamp only service. Unlike some providers we do not break down transactions into multiple STAMPS in order to circumvent the surety limits of the Medallion.  Each Medallion is coded according the value of the stock guaranteed under the Medallion. For more information including costs and timescales involved in processing a Medallion Guarantee then please contact us.

Since the withdrawal of HSBC and other banks with a Medallion Stamp the medallion has been harder to obtain, depending on the value and your requirements, with our medallion service we are able to affix the guarantee within just a couple of days. We do take steps to verify your identity and there are steps that you will need to take in order to assist with the identification verification. For a full list of requirements and to begin the process call us or fill out an enquiry form.

Verifying your Identity

There are several steps that we take before applying a medallion guarantee to verify your identity, depending on your nationality some of these steps may include using a third party to confirm your Social security number some of these might also include using a Solicitor or Notary to confirm your passport details. Apart from these steps other actions we undertake may also include steps that will involve leaving a marker on your credit file, do not worry these markers do not show when applying for credit and they do not affect your credit rating. These help us to identify and confirm you are who you say you are and help us to reduce the risk of fraud and other money laundering crimes.