Change name on Share certificate

Make contact with us if you need to change names on a share certificate or share portfolio. There are a few different reasons why people need to change the name on a share certificate or shareholding. Typically this would be because of a persons marriage but we have found that sometimes this occurs because of human error i.e an error when the shares were purchased.

Change name of shareholder

If the shares are held in a US or Canadian company then in order to change the names of the shareholder, without transferring them to another person, then a medallion guarantee will be required. This ensures the transfer agent cannot be held liable in a situation where the transaction turns out to be fraudulent. To begin the Medallion Stamp process call us on 020 8150 2010 to begin the process, or complete the contact form on this page.

Change of name in share certificate after marriage

When someone someone marries, it is often the case where one person changes their surname to that of their spouse. In this scenario they lose their maiden name and more often that not change their name with their bank and other financial institutions. When this happens, when it comes to selling any shares or even perhaps cashing in dividends issued by cheque there is then a problem. The surname of the person who changed their name must match the name held by the Transfer agent. So that the transfer agent (i.e aka share registrar) can facilitate the change of name a medallion stamp signature guarantee will be required.

Are US shareholdings affected by marriage name change

Whether your shares are in the name of Dr Pepper Snapple, Exxon Mobil or any company listed on a US stock market then in order to change the name of the shareholding then a medallion signature guarantee will be required and of course a stock transfer form will be required.