Federal Transfer Certificate

When dealing with an estate in the UK which holds American stocks and shares valued in excess of $60,000 at the date of death, there is a specific requirement. In order to sell or transfer those shares, you must to obtain a Federal Transfer Certificate from the Inland Revenue Services (IRS).

This can be a time consuming procedure and for UK estates takes an average of 6-9 months to obtain. We can deal with obtaining the Federal Transfer Certificate by liaising with the IRS. This includes preparing all the document requirements for signature by the executors/beneficiaries.

Once the IRS provides the Transfer Certificate, we then deal with the transfer of the shares. These services also include obtaining the Medallion Guarantee Stamp.

Obtaining Federal Transfer Certificates

The Federal Transfer Certificate is a document that is required in addition to the Medallion Guarantee before the Share Registrar is able to deal with transfer of the stock. This is so the transfer agent can be sure that any tax consequences have been dealt with.  Obtain the Federal Tax Clearance by completing and filing Form 706-NA. We can assist with this complex process including dealing with the change of name of shares