Transfer Agent

If you own assets in the United States or Canada you will have come into contact with the securities Transfer Agent, known as a Share Registrar in the United Kingdom. The transfer agent is employed by the company to look after its shareholders, to maintain the share register, keeping it clean and up to date with the current names and address of the shareowners they will also process any Transfer or Sale requests.

The main Transfer agents that look after the majority of US listed companies are:

  • Computershare
  • EQ Shareowner Services (previously Wells Fargo)
  • American Stock Transfer and Trust Company LLP (AST)
  • Broadridge Issuer Services

Whilst in Canada the main agents are:

UK Stock Market Listed companies use Transfer Agents aka Share registrars such as:

  • Equiniti
  • ComputerShare UK
  • Link Asset Services (previously Capita)

The Transfer Agents are the companies that will request that you obtain a Medallion Guarantee stamp before they process any transfer or transfer and sale request.

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