About us

We are UK based Probate & Estate Administration company.

Our company name is IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd. Registered at Companies House under ref: 04532330. As part of Probate administration it is often necessary to deal with the Medallion Signature Guarantee, therefore we have established this dedicated portal for the Medallion Gurantee Signature Stamp.

We can help both the public, Solicitors and companies, including corporate entities, by supplying a service for the Medallion Signature Guarantee. Our service is postal, you need not visit us. As part of our service your details will be verified and checked with Money Laundering Databases.

About Transfer Agents

More information with regards to Transfer Agents and their role can be found at our dedicated Transfer agent page.

About stock transfer forms

More information about Stock & Shares transfer forms can be found on our dedicated Stock Transfer form page.