Medallion Guarantee Banks

List of Medallion Signature Guarantee Banks

Looking for a list of banks in the UK that offer the Medallion Signature Guarantee? Regrettably no such list exists. Some banks do offer this service. However, this is severely restricted to their clients only. Typically the only banks that may offer such a service are banks who deal with high net worth clients. In the UK none of the main street banks such as Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank, Lloyds TSB or Natwest offer any kind of signature guarantee or medallion service.

Banks That Offer a Medallion Guarantee

If you find a bank in the UK or in any country in Europe including France, Germany, Italy or Spain, we would like to hear from you. If you need help with the medallion guarantee and you live in a country where your bank does not supply such a service, contact us from overseas on 0044 203 985 9551. Or complete the contact form below and we will happily to assist. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to pass on your experience on our blog. We have written a specific page on this topic.

Where Can I Get a Medallion Guarantee Without an Account?

Banks that do offer a Medallion Signature Guarantee service do so only to their account holders. This is generally because the bank, by applying the signature guarantee are guaranteeing that the transaction is not fraudulent and you as the account holder are known to them. Therefore typically they will not supply a medallion stamp unless you are an account holder. In the UK however we are able to supply the signature guarantee without the need to be an account holder. There are certain other formalities we have to go through and your information is checked against money laundering databases, but at least a solution for the medallion is available.