Probate Services

Probate Services

Our probate services specialists are able to assist if you need a Medallion Guarantee for a stock transfer form when an owner of the original stock passes away. This page details what we need and under which circumstances we need them. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Grant of Probate

If the deceased person left a Will and the value of the stock is over $10,000, we require a grant of Probate. This must be issued by the Courts of the country where the deceased person was domiciled. In the UK, this would be a UK Grant of Probate. In other countries, this could be a Certificate of Heirship. The document must be less than six months old. Otherwise an exemplified copy may be required (see below).

Letters of Administration

If the deceased person did not make a Will and the value of the stock is over $10,000, then Letters of Administration or the equivalent according to the domicile countries rules are required. We can assist with application for Letters of Administration in the UK. For overseas estates we work with well regarded partners and notaries. As mentioned above, an exemplified copy will be required if the letters of administration is older than six months.

Small Estates

If the deceased person had what is referred to as a small estate with total assets under $10,000, we may be able to deal with the medallion stamp by way of a small estates declaration. Our overseas probate department can create this. For more information on a small estates declaration, speak with our team now.

Exemplified Probate

Where a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration is older than six months, an exemplified copy of the probate is needed to apply a medallion guarantee. An exemplified copy is a reissue of the probate proving the probate hasn’t been overturned in the last six months.