Medallion Guarantee Stamp

A Medallion Guarantee, also known as a Medallion Signature Guarantee or Gold Medallion Guarantee is a special stamp introduced in the USA to help with preventing the Fraudulent Transfer of Securities, Stocks & Shares

If you own assets in the United States or Canada or you are dealing with an estate where the deceased held US or Canadian securities and you wish to transfer or sell them, you will be required to obtain a Medallion Guarantee Stamp before the Transfer Agent also known as the Share registrar will accept the documentation.

The Stamp is seen as an inconvenience particularly outside the USA and Canada where it is increasingly more difficult to obtain, however the programme is in place to protect shareowners and their assets from fraudulent transactions taking place.

The Transfer agents will insist on the Stamp as it limits their liability should the transfer turn out to be fraudulent, the liability of any such transaction would be placed onto the firm who have stamped the documents with the Medallion Guarantee Stamp.

With a higher number of US companies merging or taking over UK and over overseas companies the Medallion Guarantee stamp will become a increasingly wider requirement across the globe.

In certain cases it is not as simple as just obtaining the Medallion Guarantee stamp if you are dealing with an estate and the asset(s) are worth over the $60,000 tax threshold you will be required to obtain a Federal Transfer Certificate from the IRS to confirm that no inheritance tax is due to the US authorities.

If the US asset(s) in the estate are worth under $60,000 there also other documentation requirements to accompany the stock transfer form once the Medallion Guarantee Stamp has been affixed.

We can provide the Medallion Guarantee stamp through our trusted supplier in the USA, meaning that no liability is placed on any third party in the UK, such as a certifying solicitor.

If you require assistance with obtaining a Medallion Guarantee stamp, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote and further information on the services we can offer.