Apostille Legalisation

Apostille legalisation is the process of stamping an official document with a special Foreign Commonwealth Stamp, known as the Hague Apostille. This authenticates the document for use outside of the United Kingdom. We can help with your Apostille requirements.

Apostille Legalisation Service UK

The Apostille is very different to the Medallion Guarantee. However, we also provide a fast and efficient Apostille service. If the documents you require the Apostille for arrives at our Braintree offices before 3pm, we aim to dispatch the documents, fully Apostilled, the following working day. We do rely on Royal Mail and supply a tracking number. As such, delays for the Apostille service are beyond our control.

Hague Apostille

The Hague Apostille is a special stamp the Foreign & Commonwealth Office issues in the UK. The Apostille is only a requirement where countries comply with the Hague convention. If not, instead of affixing the Apostille stamp, we contact the Embassy of that country and apply for legalisation. In that case, we can still assist with legalisation if required. Prior to applying for an Apostille, please check your exact requirements.

Document Legalisation

In countries where you wish to use the documents does not adhere to the Hague Convention, legalisation is the requirement. In this instance, legalisation at the Embassy is required. We can also assist with legalisation for most Embassy’s in London. Consequently, legalisation of documents is not as quick as affixing an Apostille. This is because the Embassy’s are a little slower in providing the service. Contact us for more information. Again, legalisation of documents is very different to the Medallion Signature Guarantee.