Share Related Services

Share Services

We provide an array of additional share related services for those who have already had their Medallion Guarantee Stamp applied. Once you have a Medallion affixed call us on 020 8150 2010 for help with any of the services detailed below.

Transfer Agent issues

Has your sale or transfer paperwork been rejected? Perhaps you are not quite sure what went wrong. Our experience team are here to help, from help with the federal transfer certificate, withholding tax or just the transfer forms we are here to help post medallion or before the medallion is affixed.

Uncashed Dividend Cheques

Uncashed dividend cheques can be an extremely difficult issue to overcome. Where US or Canadian holdings are concerned, if too many dividend cheques have gone uncashed and communication with the shareholder was lost then it is possible that the shares have already been escheated. Time is of the essence with this type of scenario. Communication with the correct department of the transfer agent is critical to try to put a hold on an escheatment and of course to recover any lost money from the uncashed dividends.

Deed of Variation

If you have been dealing with shares that had previously belonged to a deceased person and you have been through the probate process, before transferring or selling shares you may wish to enter into a Deed of Variation. Typically a deed of variation is entered into to avoid future inheritance tax issues.

Brokerage Account

We are not affiliated to any particular Brokerage organisation but on our specific brokerage account page we have a selection of direct links to various brokers. Remember always that investments come with risk.