JAB Holding to acquire Dr Pepper Snapple for $18.7bn

JAB Holding to acquire Dr Pepper Snapple for $18.7bn

JAB Holding to acquire Dr Pepper Snapple for $18.7bn

If you hold Dr Pepper Snapple shares you may well have heard that the company is to be acquired by consumer group JAB Holding with the intensions of combining it with Keurig Green Mountain to create a US beverage giant.

Upon takeover JAB will be paying a special cash dividend of $103.75 per share to all Dr Pepper Snapple shareowners whilst merging the Keurig Green Mountain business into it, creating the new name of Keurig Dr Pepper.

If you hold Dr Pepper Snapple shares you will be receiving communications from the Transfer agent advising of the deal if you haven’t already, news of the takeover released in January of 2018 has already pushed the share price above the $100 a share mark with investors trying to calculate the potential value of a new Keurig Dr Pepper company.

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