Shareholders will need a Medallion Guarantee

Shareholders will need a Medallion Guarantee

Do I need a Medallion Guarantee

One thing for certain is if you are currently a Sky shareholder you will not need a Medallion Guarantee in order to sell or transfer shares however this may soon change. We read this week that Comcast have now made a higher bid that then one previously offered by 21st Century Fox for Sky. If acceptable to all concerned Comcast will become a majority shareholder in Sky and the company will then become a US Company. This would probably mean that when you need to sell shares the company, it will mean you are selling shares in a US company which means you will need a Medallion Signature Guarantee in order to deal with the shares. This is because whoever is the share registrar, known as the Transfer Agent in the US, they will require the medallion stamp in order to confirm the identity of the shareholder before they authorise the transfer.

Further, we also read this week that Spotify, a music download and streaming company which is currently based in Sweden, have also filed with the New York Stock Exchange to be listed, this means their shares are going to be listed on the NYSE. Once listed, again in order to sell or transfer the shares shareholder will need a medallion guarantee.

How to obtain a Medallion Guarantee outside of the US

Most people outside of the USA or Canada have never heard of the Medallion Guarantee, the first time they hear of this particular expression is when the Transfer agent tells them this is a requirement to deal with the shares.  Obtaining a Medallion Guarantee in the US is relatively simple if you have an account with a bank based in the US. Obtaining the Signature guarantee outside of the US is not as simple. Fortunately for shareholders of Spotify or Sky we are able to provide the Medallion service even though you may not have had any kind of transaction with us in the past.  You need not have an account with us in order to obtain the medallion guarantee.  Our worldwide postal service is available simply by making contact with us.

We have also partnered with Apostille and Legalisation Services Ltd in order to help shareholders with Notarial and Translation Services. Our full in house service can help with the the translation of any documents especially with regards to probate or heirship related documents which will also be required in order to deal with shares which are held in deceased estates.