STAMP 2000 Medallion Signature Guarantee

STAMP 2000 Medallion Signature Guarantee

STAMP 2000 Medallion Signature Guarantee

The word STAMP within the header phrase is an acronym for the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP). The STAMP program is a Signature Guarantee program but there are actually other signature guarantee programs used through the United States and Canada including:

SEMP – The Stock Exchanges Medallion Program
MSP  – The Medallion Signature Program

All of the above are approved signature guarantee programs which are approved by Securities and Stock Exchange Association (STA).

For signature guarantee that are not part of securities there is also a fourth program known as the Signature Validation Program (SVP).

Medallion Stamp Rules

All members of the signature guarantee programs adhere to strict rules and these rules help to reduce the risk of fraud when applying a Medallion Guarantee or other signature guarantee. Without such rules, the person or firm applying the Signature Guarantee are more likely to victim to a fraudulent transaction for which they become responsible.

Medallion Signature Guarantee Limits

The Medallion Guarantee STAMP has a special letter code which relates to the value of the guarantee. When attached to a stock transfer form the Guarantee is that the transaction is not fraudulent and the transaction is covered by a limit of indemnity. These medallion limits are known as surety limits and range from $100,000 to $14,000,000 for full STA members.

Where can I get a medallion signature guarantee without an account

We are able to provide a medallion signature guarantee for clients around the world.  We specifically deal with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Your identity details are checked on money laundering databases which helps us reduce the risk of fraud. A credit marker is applied to your file, for those genuine applicants this is never an issue.  We can deal with deceased estate transfer including dealing with Federal Tax clearance, required for transfer in excess of $60,000. Call us for more info.